Dojo Jeopardy

If you have ever seen one of our karate or kobudo classes, you are familiar with what we call, “Dojo Jeopardy”! This is the part of the class that students race each other to answer questions about everything karate and kobudo, from instructors to stances, this is where your body and brain are challenged to the max, all while having a ton of fun.

We will be developing a database over the next couple of months of questions asked and answered in class. Please be patience as we add categories and questions. If you or your child attend a class and the question/answer is not here, please let Sensei Maria know and she will ensure it is on the next update.

Karate Questions Kobudo Questions
Instructors Instructors
Hand Techniques Weapons
Foot Techniques History
General Knowledge  
Dojo Etiquette and Dogi Information  
Colors and Numbers  
Body Parts  


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