Karate was developed over hundreds of years on the small island of Okinawa as a means of weaponless self-defense. While karate is still practiced as self-defense, it is also practiced as a means of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and moral development. Students strengthen their hearts and minds as they polish their practical and powerful techniques. Because karate is more than self-defense and fighting, it is often called karate-dō, meaning the “way of karate.”

Who can practice karatedo?

Karate is for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes! Whether they are 5 or 95, tall or short, big or small, people from all cultures and backgrounds can learn and understand the language of respect, honor, and integrity. Karate is about achieving wonderful health for your whole lifetime through balanced and complete exercise. So whether it’s jumping through ropes, punching heavy bags, or just fully stretching your muscles and joints, anyone can begin their journey in karate. Check out our testimonials to see what people really think about the Okinawa Karate School in Lincoln, NE.

What are the benefits of practicing karatedo?

The benefits are boundless and far reaching for anyone who takes the time to devote themselves to an art like karatedo. They can range from increased energy and health benefits to stronger self-confidence and self-esteem to a new community of friends. You will learn to challenge yourself, work in cooperation and peace with others, and set and achieve goals within karate but also within your life. You will gain insight into the Japanese culture, exposure to Japanese language, and a focused sharpened mind that can pick up on the little details. Most importantly, however, is karate’s ability to equip people with the courage to face the battles of life. Whether it’s peer pressure, stresses at home, or a life threatening illness, learn how to discipline your mind and strengthen your heart for those battles through your training in karatedo. Experience the terrific feeling that comes from a strong body, strong mind, and a strong spirit. Check out a list of benefits in our Code of Ethics or Commandments in our official Dojo Kun.

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