Our sixth grade daughter has gained strength, focus, and confidence thanks to the SeiShinKan Karate School. We are grateful for Kaicho Tim Snyder’s influence and recommend the experience to parents and their children.

~ John Baylor, Father ~

I was born in Japan. I grew up in Japan where martial art is a high school requirement for the graduation. I studied Kendo and Judo in Japan until I left there at the age of 26. Kaicho Snyder’s dojo – SeiShinKan – is the real thing. It is as real as you can get in this part of country. This dojo’s basic attitude; dedication to tradition, discipline, practicality, perseverance, and detail – is right on track with Japan’s dojos where the karate was born in the first place hundreds of years ago. This attitude flows through in daily lessons at Kaicho Snyder’s dojo. This is why I chose this dojo.

~ Ko Inamura, Teacher for the blind and visually impaired – Lincoln Public Schools ~

I have been studing Karate for seven years and earned my blackbelt in 2011. I started learning Kobudo (weapons) along with Karate. You never stop learning. This is a life long journey that I have found. And I would like to continue it for the rest of my life.

~ Miyuki Inamura, Nurse at Bryan LGH Medical Center ~

What can karate done for you? It would be far easier to answer the question what can’t karate done for you? There is a book called “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. I truly feel the same but much more could be said about karate. It teaches the shy to be assertive, the timid to be bold, the self-conscious to be self assured but yet the arrogant to be humble the conceited to be caring for others. I have seen a young man so shy and socially awkward he could barely look at you when he talked (if he ever talked) to a family practice doctor whose job is to be able to talk to people in a way to make them comfortable to talk about anything. Ok course that person is me. Karate is a microcosm of what we should be like. Everybody working together, striving for self improvement and in turn helping others to improve as well. Karate can do of these thing and God forbid maybe someday ever save your life. That seems to me to be the deal of a lifetime.

~ Dr. Steve Saathoff, M.D. Fallbrook Medical Plaza ~

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