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The SeiShinKan Karate School boasts the absolute best martial arts kids program in Lincoln. We hold classes 4 days a week for children of all ages taught by internationally qualified instructors. This gives parents the freedom and ability to build their own schedule while being confident they are getting the most benefit to their children. Classes are tailored especially for children in order to challenge them on their own level. Stretching, self-defense techniques, and vigorous exercise will improve your child’s strength, coordination, and overall health. They will also begin building self-confidence and self-esteem, and most importantly having fun while doing it!

We offer various martial arts programs for children ages 5-12 at our dojo, including the Kobudo (weapons) classes for kids. Also, don’t forget to check out what parents think of this Okinawa SeiShinKan Karate School in our TESTIMONIAL pages.


Teaching Beautiful Manners and Respect & Bring Out the Best in Your Child

We all know karate is punching and kicking. We’ve seen it in the movies. Maybe, as a parent, you’re a concerned that karate will make your child violent. Nothing could be farther from the true meaning of karate. In fact, there is a special word for karate that emphasizes the character-building aspects of karate over fighting and competing: karate-dō. Karate-dō is the true way of karate. What could be better for your child?

Kids karate classes at the SeiShinKan dojo embody both the mental and physical benefits of martial arts. Qualified instructors lead classes with energy and enthusiasm for changing people’s lives and educating them in the way of karate. Self-confidence, self-discipline, focus, and respect are a few of the character traits that will grow and flourish through their training. This will in turn improve their home and school behavior while giving them something they can be proud of for an entire lifetime. Speed, agility, coordination, and timing are a few of the physical traits that will improve your child’s performance in sports and other physical activities, but most importantly set a precedent for a healthier longer life.


You’ve seen it before; flashing sai, whirling nunchaku, wooden bo staffs. Your child can be part of the action as well!
Kobudo classes are well tailored to adults and children by emphasizing the basic and practical movements of Okinawan weapons. Instructors dig deep to get underneath all the fluff and flash of the media in order to teach traditional and practical Kobudo. Children will be taught respect for the power of weapons and learn not to abuse that power, as with all martial arts movements. They will learn to respect each other and work together in peace and cooperation. They will also learn great self-discipline and self-control while wielding the weapons of an ancient time. Safety is our number one priority and you can rest assured that as your child learns the history and background behind the ancient weapons of Okinawa, they will learn to harness those abilities in a controlled manner. Contact us today for more information about Kobudo!

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