Kobudō is the ancient martial way. It is the study of weapons used in ancient Okinawa, a small island off the southern coast of China. Okinawa was once an independent nation. It was conquered by invading Japanese samurai. The conquerors outlawed the use of any weapon by the people of Okinawa. Without a means of self-defense, the warriors of Okinawa improvised. They wielded a staff or oar much as the Japanese samurai wielded swords and spears. Farming implements were also employed to deadly effect. As you learn to use the weapons of ancient Okinawa, you are learning the deadly techniques of a warrior class disarmed in a dangerous world.

Why study Kobudo?

Kobudo is an exciting way to deepen your understanding of the martial arts. It emphasizes all of the same mental benefits of karate including focus, determination, and a complete merging of your mind and body. You will learn to train and balance both sides of your body while getting in a warrior mindset. You will learn not only how to use a weapon but also how to defend against the weapon. Besides, it’s fun!

Do you have to be a Karate student to study Kobudo?

No, Kobudo is separate from Karate. However, the skills and movements are similar. You may find that you progress in Kobudo faster if you also study karate.

Kobudo is for kids, too! Check out our KIDS KOBUDO classes today!

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