Welcome New Students


We are excited to welcome the following students to our dojo family! These individuals have made the choice to make themselves better through the practice of Okinawa Koburyu Karatedo and Kobudo. Today is the first step in what we hope is a long journey of learning, personal challenge and continuous improvement.

Welcome to Ashton (not pictured May 2017), Saleh (not pictured May 2017), Thomas (not pictured May 2017), Landis (not pictured May 2017), Alan (not pictured May 2017), James (May 2017), AJ (May 2017)! They are all great addition with great energy!


Welcome to Zhongning (Dec 2016), Nate (Feb 2017), Noah (Feb 2017), Rhett (not pictured Feb 2017) and a special Welcome Back to Walt (Feb 2017).

Testimonials from the new students

Rhett, 4th grade

What are your hobbies? Soccer, hockey and practicing tricks with my bo (4′ stick)

Why did you start doing karate and kobudo? One of the reasons I started kobudo is because they used the stick (bo) and I wanted to learn about that and I thought karate was interesting also!


Noah, 7th grade

What are your hobbies? I like doodling, drawing and gaming – that’s definitely a big. I like flying a lot of RC helicopters and I am planning to take flight school soon.

Why did you start doing karate and kobudo? I get bullied a lot at school and I know in later years, that will eventually turn violent and I want to know how to handle myself in those situations.


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