Colors and Numbers


What is the color white? Shiro

What is the color yellow? Kiiro

What is the color orange? Orengi or dai-dai

What is the color blue? Ao

What is the color green? Midori

What is the color purple? Murasaki

What is the color brown? Chairo

What is the color black? Kuro

What is the color red? Aca

What is the color pink? Pink



Count from 1-10

Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go, Roku, Shichi, Hachi, Kyu, Ju


When counting by 10s, preface the word ten (Ju) with the first number of the set, for example:

Twenty (20) – Ni Ju

Thirty (30) – San Ju


There are two exceptions – Four (4) and Seven (7) – to counting formally versus counting individual numbers. When counting higher than 10, you will use the word ‘Yon’ for four (4) and the word ‘Nana’ for seven (7), for example:

Forty (40) – Yon Ju

Seventy (70) – Nana Ju


For higher numbers, you will start with the set of ten you are in and then add the word for the number in the one position, for example:

Fourteen (14) – Ju Yon

Twenty-six (26) – Ni Ju Roku

Thirty-eight (38) – San Ju Hachi

Forty-five (45) – Yon Ju Go

Fifty-nine (59) – Go Ju Kyu


When you get to 100 – Hyaku! You can apply the same principles as earlier, for example:

One-hundred ten (114) – Hyaku ju yon

One-hundred thirty-eight (138) – Hyaku san ju hachi


Practice different combinations of numbers and see how fast you can translate them! Some practice numbers would be: what is your age? what is your parents/siblings ages? how old is Kaicho?

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